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Welcome to My Branding System!

A primary goal for a well organized website is always to keep your visitors inside the website. They have to be engaged in the information and content you are providing them. A website usually only has a handful of purposes. Most of the time, the main purposes of a website could be entertainment, information, data transferring, purchasing or sharing. So as long as you are offering at least one of these subjects, then you are heading the right way.

For larger organizations and major companies, a website certainly aims to offer superior product information, which in turn will lead to increased sales. Even so, a lot of amateur website builders out there spend so much time, and sometimes money focusing on visual add-ons and gadgets to their sites that merely distract a viewer from the goal, as well as slowing down the loading of a site.

When it comes to websites, I am a true believer that less is more. As long as your audience has captured what they were looking for, or are interested in, you’ve accomplished your goal. There is really no need for all the bells and whistles you may see on some sites that are just out there collecting web dust. Meaning, no one is visiting them, and the unlucky ones that run into it spend about half of a minute looking at the wreck and close it because they probably got a headache from it.

A website’s ease of navigation is also a crucial key to the success of any site. It has to be clean and clear of any unnecessary clutter. Think about the last time you walked into a store and how it made you feel. At least for me, when I walk into a messy and disorganized store, all I can think about is finding the nearest exit.

We all desire a clear view of what we are looking for. It puts us in a positive state of mind, and our decision making abilities become a lot quicker and easier. We process information faster as well. Keep this in mind when you are visiting a website, and you will get more loyal visitors.

So in conclusion, a site with poor navigation clarity will certainly make it impossible for the visitor to find what they were looking for, and they will leave your site never to visit again. It is difficult enough to get visitors to your site the first time, so you want to be sure to make your first impression a lasting impression. Keep in mind that poor navigation includes hard to read fonts and poor placement of buttons, menu bars and images.

Whether you are building a site yourself, or if you have hired a company to do so for you, it is very important that you take into consideration some of these key elements for an organized website.